Brian Voce

Personal work and research interests.

I graduated from Brighton Polythechnic in 1981 with an honours degree in Wood Metal Ceramics and Plastics (Crafts). At the time the course had a strong Fine Art bias and I used this opportunity to develop a series of sculptural mixed media floor pieces in wood and ceramics.

After leaving Brighton I continued to develop my work both 2 and 3 dimensionally but now mostly work with 2D in paint, print and mixed media (encaustic). I briefly returned to 3D with a series of low relief mixed media paintings/sculptures.

The unifying theme over all my work is the relationship between structured and chaotic systems where chance and accident determine the outcome. Inspiration comes from many sources: landscape, maps, grids, archaeology, repetition, decay in nature and the built environment, and the media itself. My current work links to an interest in issues surrounding genetic modification, and the chance production of new chimeras.

These themes have been explored through a series of abstract artworks featuring ‘manipulated’ geometries. The work takes the circle as a trope in my work I see it as a metaphor for the ‘perfect’ seed a genetically engineered  ‘Pandora’s Box ’. I’m interested in exploring the way very simple geometric systems based on manipulating circular repeats may combine unexpectedly, to produce complex and unexpected outcomes through alignments of overlapping geometries creating images evoking ideas of ‘new and imagined’ flora and fauna.

I enjoy the challenges of working over a range of different media. Each presents new opportunities for personal expression and technical challenges. There is always something new to learn…I have begun to explore the potential of digital media as a vehicle for exploring and ‘sketching’ ideas. I use this as a tool for developing images that will eventually become 'analogue' paintings or prints, as a medium in its own right, or as a way of furthering existing 'analogue' work.



Teaching Experience

I have been involved in the delivery of a wide range of Art and Design Programs since 1982, working in Community Arts, Adult Education, Special Needs, and offender learning. I have taught GCE AS and A2 students, National Diploma, Foundation Course and Undergraduate students.

I hold a 7407Level Four Stage 3 teaching qualification, have D32/33 assessor award and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

As an educator I hope to impart firstly an outward looking and investigative attitude of mind, and secondly a range of skills on which the student can build and develop. I am demanding of students, (but I also value and am responsive to student opinion) expecting them to demonstrate commitment and passion for their work.

My main aim is to produce questioning and innovativelt creative students who are well motivated and have something to say for themselves.

University of Lincoln. B. A. Hon's Graphic Design.
I am the Year 2 leader for BA Hons Graphic Design at the University of Lincoln where I teach on the Year 1 and 2 Graphics Modules, and Year 1 Creative Advertising Modules. (I'm also involved in developing links with local schools and the wider community through a programme of workshops and visits). I organise the Univerity's October Big Draw event for the College of Arts, and act as the contact point for the School of Design and regional schools and colleges.

Offender Learning.
Before joining the University full time four years ago, I worked part time as the course leader for Visual and Digital Design Studies at HMP Morton Hall.

The course was open to all regardless of ability and currently offered a mix of short and long-term study options from Level 1 through to Level 3 and has an excellent record of achievement at GCE AS and A2. Students have progressed off the course into Further and Higher Education.

Quote:HM Chief Inspector of Prisons/OFSTED 2008.

'Some prisoners's art work was outstanding, with good achievement of qualifications at levels 1 to 3'.

(Morton Hall had won the national 'Women in Prison' art competition for the previous three years running).




Investigating and Making Prints and Ceramics at Key Stage 3.    Brian Voce & Tim Bax.   ISBN 1 86025 137 4