Brian Voce  

These pages feature a very small selection from a series of photographic typologies taken as personal research. Some have been taken to support studio based work, others simply because I found them interesting. All are filed away digitally and 'subconciously' as a resource to nourish future work.

365 skies came about from the simple realisation that I had gone to bed one evening and I couldn’t recall at all what the sky had looked like that day. It had been in my peripheral vision and consciousness yet I had not 'seen' it. This graphically brought home to me that we often look but don't really see. It made me realise how for much of our lives we 'operate' on perceptual 'auto pilot'.



As a personal exaercise in 'seeing' I photographed the sky every day for a year. My intention was wherever possible to photograph the same location and viewpoint to maintain consistency (although the photographs here include other viewpoints). I wanted to not simply photograph clouds but to hopefully capture the relationships of scale between sky and land.

The ‘Sheds’ photographs are specific visual research and form part of my ongoing personal work around themes of structure, decay, time, and changed states.

Wet Plants, and Surfaces and Pattern are part of my personal bank of collected research images but are not connected to any specific work at this time.